Gy. Hampel

A smart (or liveable) city is a settlement which is able to utilize the available technological possibilities and particularly the infocommunication devices in an innovative way in order to develop a sustainable environment. A sustainable urban environment is increasingly necessary since the portion of urban population is constantly growing. This might require the rethinking of the development of traffic in the city as well. In 2015 a survey was conducted in Szeged related to the ongoing smart city project. The main goal of the survey was to get information about the transportation habits, opinions and expectations of the city residents. This paper summarizes some of the interesting results of the research in the field of public transport, bicycling, car transport, parking and walking. The research methods used were descriptive statistics, measuring relationship between variables and hypothesis testing. The results can also be the base of a later similar survey, where the possible financial consequences of the expectations are also communicated to the participants.

Keywords: smart city, Szeged, transportation, survey

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