A. Czibolya, E. Lendvai

The goose liver is a special product produced by the force-fattened geese. The manufacturing process has thousands of years of history, which has grown to be a key sector for Hungary. First, we intended to get to know the producers side on force-feeding of geese in the past and present during our research – this serves as a basis of structured interviews with 10 workers in the administrating sector. On the other side, we investigated the consumers’ habits and opinions in relation with goose liver with a questionnaire. The first set of questions was directed specifically to consumer habits, including how often the product is consumed and why it is so. The second set of questions was intended to assess the knowledge on the process and other topic-related issues. Finally, we could establish that this type of products called ‘hungaricum’ is very important for Hungary because of the export and it also provides the basis for many farmers.

Keywords: structured interview, questionnaire survey, consumers’ preferences, animal welfare

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