K. Szabó

There is no room for debate about that the quality is one of the most important competitive factor and nobody against that this quality virus has to be spread. The paper would like to help with methods and techniques -what are not well known and used in the domestic organizations- to spread this virus in different fields of the organization. Its strategic motto is: Instead of quality management development and improvement the quality of the management has to be developed in the interest of quality management. Today, that idea has to be given up what says more and more modern quality systems development start is needed instead of it the whole quality of the management has to be developed. High level of the quality system is not equal with the high quality of the management. It has to be turned. The high level of the management quality will ensure the possibility of well operating high level quality management. The paper wants to present this from different aspects on the one hand by comparing the classical development of quality management systems on the other hand by new (volume, profit and quality) approaches of certain management elements and methods.

Keywords: quality virus, quality conscious management, Seghezzi palace, management and quality management connections, new audit approaches, domestic quality model

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