I. Sedliaková

Numerous articles, publications and researches show a strong impact of a good corporate culture on business success and economic performance. A strong corporate culture can be responsible for the process of creation of internal organization values, and it can also influence the proper functioning of the company and even its competitiveness. In those companies, that recognize the importance of corporate culture, corporate culture can become the most important tool, which can help them to achieve their strategic objectives. According to opinions of some authors, an excellent corporate culture is “the spirit” of organization. It is a part of entrepreneur’s core competitiveness but also it is a bas of core competencies. The present article is focused on identification and evaluation of problems during the forming process of corporate culture. The identification of problems was realized through questionnaire at the sample of 130 respondents. The result of the research shows that certain issues such as "buying your own people" (69% of respondents believe that remuneration is unfair), "sanctions" (more than ¼ of respondents think that work environment is not open for new ideas) or "copying of culture" (almost ¼ of respondents answered that they do not feel comfortable in existing culture) are still appearing in the shaping of corporate culture of companies.

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